Good Things Don’t Come To Those Who Wait, It Come To The Impatient.

I felt like writing, I picked up my pen and began to think….. I thought about ambitious youths in my country with no success to show for. What could be the reason, I asked myself….This is the product of my thought;

Most dreams never come true. This is just the bitter truth. Mind you, most dreams never come true, not because the dreamer is unworthy, lazy, not because of improper planning. Most dreams fail because the dreams are so big, unimaginable, and so difficult to accomplish.

There are so many enemies of success, time and space won’t permit me to name them all, but I will mention a few. Time, fatigue, lack of self-confidence, poor mindset, shame, they are all enemies of success.

Your dreams will not culminate to success if you just stand back and let things run their course. Knowing that success has lots of enemies, you need to generate enough momentum in order to be able to confront those factors that tend to kill your dreams.

Difficult things take time to achieve, even if you follow the process correctly, and if you are not dogged, you might never see those great dreams of yours come to past.

Your question might be: how then do I make my dreams come to past? Your dreams will come to past if you go all out, all the time, and staying ruthlessly focused in unlocking your greatest potentials. That’s the requirement if you want true and lasting success.

Success demands eternal pursuit for improvement. You have to go all out every single day. Not sitting back and trusting in the process, not waiting for things to happen, instead, you go all out to make things happen. This is what successful people do.

Mind you, the world will resist your every attempt. You will be mocked and criticized, you will be looked down upon, they will do their best to discourage you, they will throw stones at you, make those stones your stepping stones to higher ground.

Create so much excitement and energy that people get swept up in your vision. Do your best to make your 10 years plan happen in six months.

True success requires honour and integrity, but do not mistake them for patience.

Patience is about acceptance, tolerance, letting things run their natural course, but success is about making something out of nothing. It is refusing the status quo, not dancing to the natural rhythm of the song.

In conclusion, Young people, I want you to always remember this in your pursuit for success, “Good things don’t come to those who wait, It comes to those who go all out, everyday.

Gone are the days when they say “the patient dog eats the fattest bone”. I beg to disagree, the patient dog will have no food to eat and will die of hunger. Good things come to the impatient. They are the ones with enough fire to make things happen.


Ugochukwu Ogabu