Anambra Assembly Passes Bill To Outlaw Expensive Burials

Anambra State lawmakers, on Wednesday, passed Burial cum Funeral Ceremonies Control Bill into law as a guard against extraneous activities during burial ceremonies in the state.


Propounder and the chief sponsor of the bill, Honourable Charles Ezeani, representing Anaocha 2 state constituency, said the bill would curtail ostentations and unnecessary display of wealth, during burial ceremonies in Anambra State.

Ezeani, who spoke with journalists shortly after the passage of the bill, said it would equally address unnecessary pressure mounted on bereaved persons to borrow money in order to perform burial activities and thereafter incur debts they could not repay.

He said the passage of the bill was an achievement for him as a legislator in the sixth assembly, noting that the bill was geared towards cutting down the cost of burial activities in the state.

He added that some bereaved persons had not been able to bury their dead due to high cost of the ceremonies.

The lawmaker noted that the attention given to the bill had shown the zeal of the lawmakers to ensure the law  came into force.

He noted further that burial ceremonies should be mourning periods and not a time to borrow  more money to bury the dead.

Ezeani disclosed that the use of expensive casket would no longer be tolerated in the public glare.

He said: “From the commencement of this law, no person in Anambra State shall in any way showcase a casket in such a way that people will see it along the road.”

The lawmaker also observed that the state was littered with caskets showcasing the fact that people were more interested in dying rather than being alive.

He said with passage of the bill, public display of caskets would be controlled, saying the law implied that people should celebrate their loved ones while alive rather than spending fortunes on golden caskets for their burial.