5 Celebrities Who Have Either Gone Missing Or Deleted Their Instagram {Photos}

For celebrities, Instagram is one social media platform where they get to showcase not just their crafts but also everything that has to do with their personal life.

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However, some celebrities do not really put out a lot about their personal lifestyle on Instagram while for some, all you need to do is click on their handle and you’d find out which city they are waking up in, what lunch they had even their kid’s results.

Over the last few years, due to so much criticism and backlash, some of these celebs have at one point or the other decided to take a break from Instagram. For others, they simply just delete all their photos.

These actions most times come unexpected, giving fans reasons to worry about the basis for these decisions.
Today we will be looking at some of your favourite celebrities who have at one point or the other deleted their photos or just went missing in action from Instagram.
1. D’banj
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In 2014, D’banj deleted a lot of his photos from his Instagram page which got a lot of people talking [Instagram/IamBangaLee]

For D’banj, Instagram isn’t just a platform where he shares with fans his career journey but also a place to them updated with his personal lifestyle.

This hasn’t always been the case because a few years, D’banj basically kept his Instagram page on a professional level.

In 2014, D'banj deleted a lot of his photos from his Instagram page which got a lot of people talking [Instagram/IamBangaLee]
D’banj has one of the most interesting Instagram pages you’d love to click on

In 2014, D’banj surprised fans and followers on Instagram when he took down a lot of his photos from the platform.

As usual, no reason was given behind the action but the singer did a very neat job as he took down just the photos from 2014 and left the ones from the previous years.

2. Mercy Johnson

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Mercy Johnson has some of the most loyal followers on Instagram

If you say she is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram then you are definitely correct.

Mercy Johnson is one of those celebrities who would post a video and in less than an hour it amass over a 100k views…she’s cool like that.

So when a celebrity like that with over 4.4M followers decide to delete all her photos and that of her husband, eye brawls will definitely be raised.

Image result for Mercy Johnson is busy with her kids

Mercy Johnson is busy with her kids

Fans woke up sometime in 2018 to a shocking surprise of their favourite female celeb, Mercy Johnson deleting almost all her photos on her Instagram page.

 More shocking were the photos of her husband, which raised a lot of eye brawls. Some people began to speculate that there was a crisis in her marriage. The voluptuous actress later came out to deny the claims.

3. Tiwa Savage

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Tiwa Savage flaunts curves in sexy Ankara outfit

Tiwa Savage is the second most followed female celebrity on Instagram in Nigeria which means she’s got a lot of eyes on her.

One interesting feat about Tiwa Savage’s Instagram page is that you’d find some of the most beautiful photos of the music star.

She has some of the most checked out photos on her Instagram page and fans can’t get enough from her son Jammal’s adorable photos.

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Tiwa Savage and her son, Jammal

For celebrities who have deleted their photos on Instagram surprisingly, Tiwa Savage is the latest on the list.

Early in March 2019, Tiwa Savage carried out the unimaginable as she practically cleared out her Instagram page leaving just three photos behind.

Fans gathered in her comment section in small camps to argue over the reason behind the decision. Well, she hasn’t revealed the reason behind her decision and we think everyone should move on.

4. Daddy Freeze

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Freeze has had his Instagram page deleted mysteriously on several occasions

One of the most celebrated and talked about On-Air personalities on radio is unarguably Daddy Freeze.

His decades on the airwaves have made him not just a celeb but a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry.

A few years ago, Daddy Freeze began the #FreeTheSheeple on Instagram where he dragged several men of God of using the church to enrich themselves.

Daddy Freeze calls himself the 'only genuine prophet' in Nigeria
Daddy Freeze calls himself the ‘only genuine prophet’ in Nigeria

In the course of this new movement, the OAP began to gather not just fans but more enemies.

It didn’t take long before his Instagram was mysteriously deleted. A few weeks after, the account became active and in just a twinkle of an eye, it was deleted again.

Well in 2019, the same account was deleted again. However, he has since recovered the account but till date, no one has been able to find out the reason behind the various incidents.

5. Tekno 

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Tekno is one of the most followed Nigerian celebs on Instagram

In case you don’t know, Tekno is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram with over 5M followers as at the time of the publication of this article.

His fan base cuts across from different parts of the world and his music remains one of Nigeria’s distinct and amazing sounds.

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Tekno has yet to deliver on the potentials that he possesses 

Just like most celebrities who have at one time or the other gotten themselves involved in one scandal or the other,

Tekno has his own fair share. We guess when he got himself involved in a scandal back in 2016, he couldn’t handle it well as he went on to delete all his photos on his Instagram. Unlike most celebs who keep their fans guessing after the delete their photos, Tekno went on to release a press statement behind the move.